Workshop in Saint Petersburg

The last 10 days I have been very fortunate to participate in a Nordic-Russian masterclass in St Petersburg, Russia with Mads Nissen and Mads Greve. It was truly inspiring and great with a change of scenery. The first three days consisted of an intense workshop followed by a week of photographing stories individually. I have been doing a story on gender roles - I shot it on film, so I have yet to see the results. Hopefully they will be well exposed! In between locations I shot a bit of street photography too :)

Vildnis Fotografi established: photography classes

Along with Thea Reedtz I have established a photography class called Vildnis Fotografi. It will launch this September and consists of three in-depth workshops and a series of individual tuition sessions with a basis on documentary photography.

I truly enjoy teaching and look forward to be taking part in creating an awesome and challenging class in photography. 

Stop by to learn more :)

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